Meet Day Information

Information for coaches on Meet Day

Entering the Stadium When you get to the stadium on meet day you school will have a packet ready for them at the top of the ramp. Wrist bands for your coaches and athletes will be in the packet along will a updated copy of the meet entries for you. Please make sure all of your athletes have their wrist bands on. If you run short for your athletes let us know we have more.


You can sit on either side of the stadium. Please do not set up team areas on the finish line side from the 30 yard line to the finish or I will ask you to move down. This area is for paying spectators.


We will allow warmups on the field (not on the track) but no team areas can be set up there. Additionally the rim trail around the stadium as well as going out into the parking lot will be ok. That is why athletes have their wrist bands.

Spectators and Admission

The MC Field and Distance is unique in that spectators can come down out of the stands and stay outside the roped lines to cheer and watch events. No spectators or extra athletes are allowed on the field however. Admission charge is $10 for Adults. Students and Seniors are $5. Children under 10 are free.

Coaches on the Field

Only the head coaches is allowed on the inside of the track. Please keep your assistants outside the track and outside the competitions areas. However, we will provide some coaches' boxes for the Field Events. Parents also should not be on the field.

Spike Information

3/16" spikes are the allowable spike to use on the MC facility. You will be checked upon entering the facility. Coaches, please help us out this and check your athletes' spikes the week before you come to the meet.

Shot and Discus Information

All athletes will receive 4 efforts in the shot and discus. Medals will be given at the competition area. We are weighing shots and discus at the shed when you enter the stadium.

Long and Triple Jump Information

All athletes will receive 4 efforts in the Long and Triple Jump. Medals will be given at the competition area.

High Jump and Pole Vault Information

Events will be run with the 5 alive format. Medals will be given at the competition area. Starting heights for each Flight is subject to change depending on the number of entries.

Starting Heights: HJ Girls 4'0" and 4'4" HJ Boys 4'10" and 5'2"

PV Girls 7'0" and 8'0" PV Boys 9'6" and 11'6"

Distance Race Information

Check in will be located near the finish line on the visitors side where numbers will be handed out. Medals will be given out at the finish of the race. DMR order is 3, 1, 2, 4.