Invitational races-2023

Race 7: Division 1 Senior Boys/ Invitational Race

Race 8: Division 1 Senior Girls/ Invitational Race

Race 9: Division 2 Senior Girls / Invitational Race

Race 10: Division 2 Senior Boys / Invitational Race

The type of runners we are looking for are runners who are all league, all CIF, or All-section. 

Division 1 If you have a great runner (or 2) and you would like to have them run in the Senior/Invitational race, email Shan Forehand at with the the runner(s) is and that you want to move them up with a short explanation why.

A Division 2 team has the option of entering runner(s) in either the D-2 Senior/Invitational Race or the D-1 Senior/Invitational Race.