Entry Fee Payment

Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Carnival March 4, 2023

All payments need to be made either the day of the meet or prior. Receipts will be available at the gate if you need to write checks.

Please use this form for the financial individual at your school.

1. If you entered both Field and Distance athletes the entry fee is $250 for both teams.

2. If you entered just distance athletes your entry fee is $150 for both teams.

3. Team that have individuals and partial teams you will be paying $10 per individuals and will be asked to pay at the gate.

Make Check Payable to Mt. Carmel Track

Mail To:
 Mt. Carmel Track

Attn: Shan Forehand

Mt. Carmel High School 9550 Carmel Mt. Rd, San Diego, Ca 92129